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If you are already registered, please log into your account using the same information used when originally creating your record.

Account registration and log in requires the passport number, date of birth and nationality. Registering will allow the user to view visa information, make an MRV fee payment or schedule an appointment.

Please create and register the account with the information of the applicant applying for the visa.

  • Carefully enter the correct passport number, date of birth and nationality (the country that issued the passport). This information is required to log back into your account on this Web site.
  • Entering the information below creates a "Primary Applicant" record.
    Note: Family members will be added later in the registration process, but must be added before selecting your appointment date. Do not create a separate record here for a family member if you are planning to attend the scheduled appointments as a family and not individually.
  • Please be careful when entering this data because it cannot be changed by the applicant once the record is created. If a mistake is made, please click "Contact Us" (at the top of the page) to ask for a correction.

PLEASE NOTE: All fees paid through this Web site are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If more than one applicant record is created and the fee has been paid in association with these extra records a refund will not be granted. Applicant error is not grounds for the Consular Section to grant a refund.

Persons without a passport or official travel document, please click here.