Passport Delivery Information

Depending on the relevant processes and requirements for the type of visa being applied for, the applicant may need to submit documents to the consular section. Additionally, all passports with visas and Border Crossing Cards (BCCs) will be returned to the applicant via courier. The courier service is provided through DHL, at no additional cost to the applicant.

Please note: Passports not claimed within 30 days of delivery to the selected DHL location will be returned to the ASC.

Passport/Document Return to the Applicant

To receive documents back from the consulate (i.e. your passport with visa), the applicant must be registered on this site. To do so, please click on "Log In" at the top of this site. Follow the steps to select Purpose of Travel, preferred DHL delivery location, and other relevant information requested for each applicant.

To view the full list of DHL offices click here.

General Process Overview

  1. Select DHL location and complete the scheduling of the appointment.
    • The DHL location selected will be listed on the confirmation email received after the appointment is scheduled.
  2. Attend the appointment(s).

  3. Following the appointment, applicants may check this Web site for the Airway Bill number and the status of the return of the documents.

  4. Once the documents are ready for pickup, the applicant(s) 18 years and older must bring official identification to the selected courier location within 30 days to retrieve the documents. The applicant can also present the Waybill (AWB) Number in addition to the official identification.
    • Official Identification can be one of the following:
      • Mexican driver’s license,
      • Released military service card,
      • Mexican Consular matriculation form,
      • Mexican Passport, if picking up a laser visa, or
      • Photo Voter Registration ID (IFE card)
    • If the applicant cannot present any of the above mentioned forms of identification, he/she will be asked for an original birth certificate for the DHL personnel to make a copy and attach it to the Proof of Delivery file. The DHL agent will also review the information from the visaed passport or laser visa to make sure that the document is being handed to the applicant in question.
    • Parents must prove their identity with one of the above mentioned IDs as well as the child’s Original Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate or a Personal Identification Card (CIP). (Click here to view the CIP.)
    • If group representatives of Temporary Workers are picking up the Visas they must prove their identity with one of the above mentioned IDs.
    • If a third party is picking up the Visas, the individual must provide ID as mentioned above, a signed letter of authorization signed by the applicant (if both of them are over the age of 18, and a copy of the applicant’s official identification.
    • For underage applicants, the parents may pick up their visa package by presenting official identification as listed above. DHL personnel will review the visa to ensure that the applicant's last names match with the parents last names. In the case of adopted minors, the parents must present proof of adoption.
    • For disabled applicants (age, illiterate or handicapped), their children or any third person may present a signed letter authorizing collection of the visa package As described in 2 above) and copies of their official identifications. The power of attorney may be signed by the applicant with an "x" or fingerprint if he or she cannot sign a name.
    • NOTE: Border Crossing Card (BCC) Applicants will receive two Airway Bill Numbers, one for the return of the Passport and a second for the BCC. The passport will be returned before the BCC. The BCC will take at least two weeks to be issued.

To find the status of your documents you must log in to your account in our system and upon viewing the applicant summary page you will see the status of pickup availability. The document status information only appears once your personal documents have been returned by the Consular Section for shipment to your designated DHL location. Please click here for detailed instructions on how check the status of your shipment.

As the time it takes to adjudicate an applicant's case is at the sole discretion of the Consular Section, we cannot provide you any information regarding when your personal documents will be turned over to DHL.

Status Tracking

The following status messages will be available to assist in tracking the applicants' documents:

In Transit

The applicant’s documents have been picked up from the Consular Section by DHL.

Ready for Pick-up at Courier Location

The applicant's documents are available for pickup at the DHL location that was selected. Passports not claimed within 30 days of delivery to the selected DHL location will be returned to the ASC.


The applicant's documents have been given to them at the DHL location that was selected.

No Package Available for Pickup

At this time the system does not show that there are documents en route or available for pickup. Please check again at a later time.