Fee Payment Options

Visa Category Fee
Nonimmigrant Visas, non-petition based
(B1/B2, C1/D, F, M, J, I, TN, TD)
Nonimmigrant Visas, petition based (H, L, O, P, Q, R) USD$190
Treaty Trader Visa (E1), Treaty Investor Visa (E2),
Australian Worker Visa (E3)
Fiancé(e) visas (K) USD$265

The visa application fee is determined by the type of visa for which the applicant is applying.

Can I apply for two different visa types at the same time?

For the full list of Nonimmigrant application fees please visit:

Nonimmigrant visa application fees (also known as "MRV fees") are the equivalent of:

  • USD$160 for most visas that do not require a petition.
    • Examples of visas in this category are:
      • Visitor Visa for business/pleasure (B1/B2),
      • Exchange Visitor Visa (J),
      • Student Visa (F),
      • Non-Academic Student visa (M)
      • Information Media Representative visa (I),
      • Crew visa (C1/D),
      • Any other visa class not specifically named as requiring higher-tiered fees.
  • USD$190 for petition based visas:
    • Examples of visas in this category are:
      • Temporary workers and trainees(H),
      • Intracompany transferees (L ),
      • Persons with extraordinary ability (O),
      • Athletes, artists, and entertainers (P),
      • International cultural exchange visitors (Q),
      • Religious Workers (R).
  • USD$265 for Fiancé(e) (K) visas.
  • USD$205 for all E category nonimmigrant visas [Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2) and Australian Worker (E-3) visa)].

Reciprocity Fee

  • Depending on the applicant's country of citizenship and the type of visa being applied for, the applicant may also be required to pay a fee for visa issuance, known as a reciprocity fee. The applicant may obtain this information by visiting the following Web site: http://travel.state.gov/visa/fees/fees_3272.html.

All Nonimmigrant visa applicants must pay the Nonimmigrant visa application processing fee (MRV) prior to scheduling an appointment through this service. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferrable regardless of whether a visa is issued.

The fee can be paid using the following option:

Using this Web site:

  • Cash Payment
    1. Please log into the Web site using the applicant's passport number, date of birth and nationality by clicking “Log In” at the top right of this screen.
    2. Follow the Web page instructions to select applicant's trip purpose, preferred Consulate to schedule an appointment, and other pertinent details related to the visa application.
    3. While following the steps on the Web site, the applicant will be asked to either make a payment or to confirm the payment has already been made by using a "MRV Fee Receipt Number."
    4. Please select Cash.
    5. Click on the "PDF" link next to the "MRV Fee Receipt Number" box.
    6. Print the electronic generated deposit slip for each applicant.
    7. Complete the relevant information.
    8. Take the deposit slip(s) to the bank and pay.
    9. The "MRV Fee Receipt Number" is located at the top of the deposit slip.
    10. Note: Each applicant requires a separate "Receipt Number."
    11. Return to this Web site and enter the "MRV Fee Receipt Number" when asked to provide it.